Random Tip – One quick process I use to reduce my email by 80% while still getting value

When I sign up for a freebee, newsletter or purchase (trial) a product and get placed on a mailing list I do this:
1. As soon as I get the product, download or first email, I put the product somewhere visible or save the email/download in to a specific folder
2. I put an item on my to do list to review it with the link to the email and site address and a date to complete by
3. I UNSUBSCRIBE to the email
4. I make sure I read the email/download or use the product and mark it off the list
5. If it was useful I re-subscribe (if not I just saved a lot of time)
6. Put an item in my to do list to review the re-subscription after 5 emails
7. If the value I thought was there, is not I UNSUBSCRIBE again and don’t look back.
8. I also make sure I am not paying for it, if I am I cancel the subscription as well (especially if it is a free trial where I have given them my card details).

Do I feel guilty – No!
• Most of these newsletter lists cost the sender money for each subscriber. I am sure they don’t want someone like me who is not their ideal customer wasting their money any more than I want their emails wasting my time.
• I have a specific day I read or use these things so they don’t go more than a week. If I keep putting off reading or using them then I am are probably not that interested. So I UNSUBSCRIBE
• If I find later the emails start to lose value and I have not read more than 5 in a row I UNSUBSCRIBE
• Do I miss out on some things maybe, but I can lose more time worrying about missing out and chasing the latest thing that I don’t need.
• Remember – Time is one thing you cannot get back.

HINT: If you type unsubscribe into your email search and sort by sender you can bulk delete and unsubscribe to all the historical time sucking emails in one go. Trust me pushing that button and clearing it out starts as being a little scary but by the end you can feel the weight lifting off your shoulders. Just make sure when you delete that you don’t include the ones you did find useful and save. I generally only delete the ones I have not read.

Random Tip – One quick process I use to reduce my email by 80% while still getting value |